Brain Training For Dogs

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Brain Training For Dogs

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‘Brain Training For Dogs’ Online Course…


Here you’ll find out how to work with your dog’s mental faculties to make him obey all your commands with a flick of his tail. Inside you will find the related…
  • Here are some instructions for “Focusing Training” your dog to pay attention to you. (You can even use ‘focusing’ to get your dog to open doorways, ring bells, or activate mood lights).
  • The ‘Enchantment Method’ to get your dog to examine your eyes, so correspondence is essential as a foundation for super submission.
  • A direct ‘Airplane Game’ to get your dog to explore your eyes and focus on you as a source of reward and pleasure.
Brain Training For Dogs Module 1


As your dog masters basic training, this is an ideal opportunity to hone his skills and use his abilities to complete your assignments. You will be given games that cover the following areas…
  • The ‘Expedition Game’ will bring your dog back to his transformative roots and alleviate the ‘fatigue’ that so many complex exercises entail.
  • The ‘Biscuit Game’ to keep your dog intellectually stimulated and on task.
  • The ‘Ball Game’ dissipates your dog’s energy and make it easier to work with him – all while having fun and exercising.
Brain Training For Dogs Module 2


Here your dog will learn about tolerance and motivation control with the accompanying games…
  • In ´Energize and Calm´, you’ll find out how to quickly calm your dog after he’s been teased with exercise for a while.
  • You can keep your pets busy and dynamic with this jug game, and they will behave better for you.
  • You can encourage your dog to take action by swinging for treats, and at the same time, take away their fear of water.
Brain Training For Dogs Module 3


Here you will build your dog’s motor skills and their ability to focus on your commands.

In it, you will find:

  • Building his psychological dexterity through the shell game.
  • Open sesame games to build tolerance and calmness regardless of an open entrance.
  • By playing the magic blanket game, you can develop much more tolerance and skill.
Brain Training For Dogs Module 4


Here you will build your dog’s insight and perseverance. Likewise, you will concentrate on helping him with his drive control to improve as a companion dog.

In this, you will find:

  • The Find, the Stowaway game, establishes a solid connection between you and your dog and helps dogs that have difficulty separating from everyone else.
  • You’ll see this game to keep dogs from yapping at other dogs or people out the window.
  • The hot and cold game increases your dog’s ability to learn and promotes safety.
Brain Training For Dogs Module 5


Here your dog will create advanced motor skills and knowledge… To submit to your commands.

In it, you will find:

  • Advanced leg finishing skills to intrigue your companions.
  • The game of serpentines and twists makes your dog follow your developments – no matter how contradictory they are.
  • Name recognition play to help your dog figure out how to choose toys by name, supporting his intellectual skills.
Brain Training For Dogs Module 6


Your dog is currently at the “virtuoso level.” Why not fascinate your companions with your dog’s ability to stack rings, clean his toys, and even play the piano?

In it, you will find:

  • The clean-up game so your dog can clean up after he’s done playing a fantastic and significant accomplishment.
  • The ring-stacking game builds competence and perseverance.
  • Believe it or not, your dog will play the piano on a sign.
Brain Training For Dogs Module 7

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Brain Training For Dogs Trick Training Videos

You Will Likewise Get Seven Stunt Preparation Shots In Brain Training For Dogs, Including:

Brain Training For Dogs Obedience 101 Training

Duty 101 Prepare In Brain Training For Dogs…which includes:

Brain Training For Dogs Polishing Up Your Training

Cleaning Up Your Prep In Brain Training For Dogs…which includes:

Brain Training For Dogs Adrienne'S Archive

Adrienne’s Chronicle In Brain Training For Dogs…which includes:

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