My Survival Farm


My Survival Farm

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My Survival Farm Payment Methods
“MY SURVIVAL FARM” A permaculture garden or farm

… and it resembles nothing you have ever seen before … An A to Z guide on survival gardening that is simple to check out and a joy to implement, complete with photos, diagrams, and step-by-step recommendations to my survival farm.

Even a kid can do this, and I motivate you to let the little ones manage it, teach them not practically self-reliance, and how Nature works.

Here is simply a look at what you’ll find inside “MY SURVIVAL FARM”:



After composing countless pages of material, I learned that folks often like to have an overview, something to work as a pointer of the crucial ideas and the order in which to do things.
By following the condensed version of the main dish, you can avoid costly mistakes that might result in a poor or no yield in your first year. Why screw it up when you can get it right the very first time with my survival farm?
My Survival Farm Permaculture Action Plan And Checklist
They resemble what your design will look like and help you make your tailored plan quickly, and mimic my survival farm. The introductory course has plenty of diagrams, but these will assist you in conserving time.
My Survival Farm 10 Example Diagrams Of Permaculture Gardens
We discussed how this survival garden does not need that much water; however, you sure will.
We’ll cover whatever you need to learn about water for survival purposes: keeping, gathering, finding water sources on any surface, and, of course, filtering and purification.
My Survival Farm Shtf Water
The following two benefits will help you handle all that extra fruit and vegetables once you have your permaculture garden up and running.
Canning Authority will assist you can whatever the proper way and prevent ruining your cans and getting contaminated with botulism …
My Survival Farm Canning Authority
… while Vegetable Profits will help you sell your excess produce and make a few additional dollars to purchase more preparations.
You can likewise barter with it post-collapse to help you prosper when everyone else will be digging through the wastebasket.
My Survival Farm Veggie Profits
Think it or not, there’s more. I chose to do something “absurd” and might end up regretting it, but …
… if you act now, while this video is up, you’ll also get unrestricted access to the Household Survival Blueprints, my first and most cherished survival course that’s presently offering at $37.
It’s my “survival 101” course, something I believe every American needs to print and check out to have as a reference when the world goes dark.
My Survival Farm Family Survival Blueprints
My Survival Farm

Special Limited-Time Offer:
Get “My Survival Farm”
Special Rewards


My Survival Farm Payment Methods