Purified Water VS Spring Water

Purified Water VS Spring Water: Which Water Is The Best One?

Numerous different labels present a problem when you reach for a bottle of water. We all want the purest and healthiest drinking experience possible, but which type of water provides that? Spring water has a great sound, but purified water sounds so …. pure. What’s the difference between the two? Does it matter at all?

If you wonder which is better or whether it makes much of a difference, we will compare these two different types of water to precisely determine what you are consuming. Now that you have more information, you’re better equipped to identify the healthiest water for you.

Purified Water VS Spring Water: What Is Spring Water?

When you think of spring water, images of a mountain stream with clear water coming straight from the ground may come to mind. That’s what manufacturers would have you believe, but the truth is not so attractive. Most of the spring water you consume is pumped from an underground source into trucks. After being transported by trucks, the water is processed and bottled at a central facility.  The Purified Water VS Spring Water contest is getting on!

The name is enticing; spring water consists of many of the same pollutants as tap water. Water has to be chlorinated or ozonated before it can be transported by truck, so many chemicals are needed in its manufacture. At the bottling plant, it is treated by a carbon purification process. This process removes the chlorine, which can make it an exceptional alternative to tap water. However, numerous other compounds like nitrates and metals remain.

Since it is not purified, spring water still contains several vital minerals for your health, even though it brings other contaminants. Water derived from springs has this advantage because it lacks compounds and contains the minerals you need.

Spring Water
Spring Water

Spring Water Advantages

It contains the minerals necessary for health.
Tastes excellent.

Spring Water Disadvantages

May consist of impurities such as metals and nitrates.

Purified Water VS Spring Water: What Is Purified Water?

Purified water is any water that has been treated and processed until it contains ten parts per million or less of liquid solids. Many types of water filtration are used to attain this level of filtration. Reverse osmosis, distillation, and ion exchange are all viable approaches to purifying water. Whatever is removed from water during filtration. Chemicals, germs, sediments, metals, minerals, and more are entirely removed. As a result, the water becomes dull and tasteless because of the lack of some minerals.  The Purified Water VS Spring Water main show is fueling traction!

Purified Water
Purified Water

Purified Water Advantages

There are no germs, protozoa, or microbes here.
Absence of impurities and chemicals.

Purified Water Disadvantages

Lack of important minerals.
Flat, dull taste.

Purified Water VS Spring Water: How To Purify Water

There are numerous methods of purifying water. The two most widely used filtration methods are distillation and reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is performed by an RO system, usually placed under the sink, and delivers purified water to a dedicated faucet. This system typically includes numerous different filters and RO membranes that remove all contaminants from the water. A unique filter is often used to restore the required minerals in the final filtration stage.

Purified Or Spring Water
Purified Or Spring Water

A water distiller boils the water, capturing the resulting steam and leaving the contaminants behind. When caught in the condenser, the steam is cooled until it turns into water. The water is then traveled through a carbon filter for final purification. Pure distilled water is used to collect it. A gallon of pure water is produced in this process in 4-6 hours.

Purified Water VS Spring Water: Is Purified Or Spring Water Healthier?

Most of us want to ensure that the water we drink is as clean and pure as possible. Therefore, you may be wondering whether you should drink spring water or purified water. The fact is, both have drawbacks that are bad or excellent for your health.

Purified water has been thoroughly cleansed of all impurities and compounds. There are no germs to make you sick, sediment particles to feel in your mouth, or chemicals to gradually poison you. There are no minerals in it either. You should already have plenty of minerals in your diet, but getting rid of a mineral source can cause a deficiency. Some water filtration systems, like reverse osmosis, fix this problem by restoring the crucial minerals. Water purified by such processes is the healthiest option for drinking.  The Purified Water VS Spring Water attraction seems to have a possible winner.

Spring water still contains all the crucial minerals essential for health and give the water its taste. Despite that, metals, nitrates, chlorine, and other chemicals may also be present. Other compounds may have been present as the water was transported and treated, while others may have been used in the production. In any case, you will get these unwanted companions along with the preferred minerals, and there is no way to separate them.

Purified Water VS Spring Water: Conclusion

Spring water and purified water sound comparable, but in reality, they are very different. Spring water is not purified but treated and processed. However, it still contains minerals essential to health and contributes to a good taste; however, it can still contain contaminants such as metals, nitrates, and more.

Purified water is processed and treated until it contains no more than ten parts per billions of liquid solids. All vital minerals have been stripped away, but it also includes no unwanted contaminants such as germs, chemicals, sediment, or anything of the sort. It also tastes rather bland because it lacks the minerals that give water its taste. Some types of filtration, such as reverse osmosis, restore the critical minerals, making it the healthiest alternative to drink.

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